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Workflow and Functionality

Q: I sell products via FBA. Is this for me?
A: All FBA sellers are required to provide box content information for each box sent to Amazon. If you do not provide box contents information, Amazon will apply additional fees per unit shipped. The fee varies for Amazon US and EU warehouse destinations. If you provide box content information, you will not be charged this fee. You can get more details about the Amazon box contents requirements for Amazon US and Amazon EU.

Q: Are you compatible with Amazon US and Amazon EU?
A: Because we do not access your account and we do not ask for any 3rd party credentials, we're able to support all Amazon FBA warehouses globally that require box contents information. The 2D barcode that Amazon requires for box contents are universal across all FBA destinations.

Q: Can I use this tool to skip providing box contents for Amazon FBA in SellerCentral?
A: You can't skip providing box contents to Amazon, but you can use this tool to avoid the web form, Excel/CSV file upload or XML over API method available in SellerCentral.

Important: To enable the 2D barcode option in Seller Central, go to your Inbound Settings page.

Q: Why use this tool to generate the 2D barcodes for Amazon FBA?
A: This tool provides multiple optimized workflows for creating the 2D barcodes depending on how your warehouse operates. This tool can also print expiration date labels and item labels for your items as they are scanned or manually if needed. Using this tool is the easiest way to create box content information Amazon FBA requires without wasting your time.

If you use 2D barcodes, you do not need to provide box contents information through Seller Central. Instead, you can select Skip providing box contents in the shipment creation workflow and then apply a 2D barcode to each of your boxes. Amazon FBA can then simply scan your barcodes to determine the contents of a specific box.

The 2D barcode label method is particularly recommended for:

  • Sellers shipping inventory from third-party suppliers. Your supplier can provide box-level detail without coordinating with you regarding FBA shipment creation details. FBA shipping labels still need to be applied to boxes, but FBA shipping labels can be applied independently of the 2D barcode labels specifying the box’s contents.
  • Sellers using the Marketplace Web Service to create shipments or who otherwise have high-volume operations. The benefit to 2D barcode labels is that the solution is easily scalable.
  • FBA preparation centers. Simplest way to provide box contents information without additional files or account access.
NOTE: The 2D barcode is not a replacement for the FBA shipping label. The FBA shipping label will still need to be present on each box of a shipment to properly process your inbound shipments. Our premium and enterprise plan does have the functionality to print the FBA label alongside the box content label. Using this functionality, you only need to apply our label to the box.

Q: What about expiration date labels?
A: Products that expire, must be prepped to ensure that the expiration date is accessible for Amazon associates during the receiving process. You are required to include the expiration date on the outside of the prepped product. Failure to include the expiration date may cause the items to be relabeled at your cost. Please review the Amazon instructions for handling items with expiration dates.

This tool makes it very easy to print the expiration date labels and track expiring inventory at FBA as part of your box packing workflow.

Q: What if my entire shipment fits into one box?
A: Per Amazon, for shipments with only one box, you do not need to provide box level information unless the shipment contains expiration-dated products.

Q: Are these tools web based or an installed application?
A: The entire platform is web based and can be used from any computer or mobile device with a modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE10+).

Q: Can this tool be used for the same shipment on the multiple computers at the same time?
A: Yes. If you have a shipment consisting of multiple boxes, you could have multiple boxes being packed at the same time. HOWEVER, you cannot have multiple computers packing one box. So for example, you have a shipment of 10 boxes and 2 workstations, each workstation could pack a box at a time for the same shipment. This will work. If you have a 1 box shipment and 2 workstations, this will not work.

Q: How does this work?
A: Check out the Scangun input demo, the Bulk input demo or the case pack shipments demo. If you pack your boxes in a way that none of our methods work for you, please contact us.

Q: Does this software connect to my Amazon account at any point?
A: No. There is no need for us to have access to your account and we do not ask for any 3rd party credentials.

Q: Can this tool keep track of the items I scan?
A: Yes. With the premium or enterprise plan, the platform keeps track of the items you pack and the expiration dates. You are able to look up the item and box information by Shipment, FNSKU / UPC, and by expiration dates. The information is retained for at least year from creation date. This is the perfect way to reconcile the items you packed to Amazon shipment plan using our shipment validation functionality. You can upload the Amazon shipment plan TSV file to verify that the packed items match the plan.

Q: I ship LTL, what features are available to help me?
A: With the premium or enterprise plan, you can log the weight each box and pallet IDs. The reporting will then track the weight of each pallet and which boxes are supposed to be on each pallet. Remember, The units on each pallet must all belong to one shipment ID. Total weight of the pallet must not exceed 1,500.00 lbs.

Q: How come the UI looks a little plain?
A: Our UI is optimized for high volume operations. It's not pretty because it's optimized for environments where speed and accuracy are the key factors.


Q: What label sizes are supported for the 2D barcode printout?
A: The generated 2D barcode is designed to fit a 4x6 label if you're using a label printer. If you're using a regular printer, it will neatly print in the left top corner of the page.

Q: Can you recommend a label printer that works well with this?
A: The following printers are known to work well for printing the 2D barcodes on labels.

  • Dymo 4XL
  • Zebra LP2844
  • Zebra GC420
  • Zebra GK420, GK420d
  • Zebra ZE450
  • Brother HL-2275DW

However, the platform should work with any label printer that supports a 4x6 label. This is just a list gathered from happy customers. The Dymo 450 will NOT work as the labels are too small.

Q: What label sizes are supported for expiration date and item labels?
A: Today, the tool supports 2in x 1in, 2.5in x 1in, 2.61in x 1in and 3.00in x 1in labels. Adding a different label size is just a matter of testing the right configuration. If you have a different label size and want to use the tools, please contact us and we'll work with you to get the settings right to use your preferred labels.

Mobile Devices

Q: Does this work on tablets/phones?
A: Yes. However, there are two main topics that come up with mobile devices: barcode scanning and printing. Try using the demo functionality to verify that it works in your environment.

  • Printing. Since the tool uses the built-in browser on your device, if you set up your mobile device to print to a printer in your environment, you should be able to print the 2d barcode without any problems.
  • Barcode Scanning. Because this tool is web-based (runs in a browser) and not a native app it does not have access to the phone's camera for barcode scanning. We recommend using a Bluethooth scanner paired with your mobile device for the barcode scanning. This will let you scan barcodes much faster than with the device's camera, and works with our tools.

Q: Can you recommend a barcode scanner?
A: Any barcode scanner that works with your device / computer will work with the app. We use a basic USB scanner to test the platform and it seems great. For tablets and phones, a Bluetooth or any other wireless scanner would work much the same way. The computer sees all scanners as just a keyboard, so there is no difference in wireless or wired. If you want something for the long run, the recommended brands are Symbol/Motorola or Zebra because they are built to withstand a good amount of abuse.


Q: How much does this service cost?
A: There are tiered pricing plans, which are outlined here. You can try all of the packing and barcode generating functionality by using the demo. Once you sign up, there is a 1 day grace period to change your mind before your credit card is charged.

Q: Can I use multiple workstations or is that an extra fee?
A: There are no extra fees if you want to use 1-2 workstations at the same time. If you're running a warehouse with over 3 packing workstations at the same time, you need to be on the enterprise plan.

Q: Are there any additional costs?
A: No. You only pay the monthly subscription fee for the chosen plan.


Q: Is my data safe?
A: As you'll notice, the tool doesn't ask for any Amazon credentials. All billing is done securely via Stripe. We never store (or even see) your credit card information.

Q: Do you use or collect any of the information I provide?
A: Only if you ask. If you want to keep a history of packages and contents, signup for the premium or enterprise plan. In this case, the information will be stored, but that data will be accessible only to you. It will not be shared with anyone. If you do not use the premium plan, then no information about your shipments will be stored.

Q: Are there any limits on the monthly plan?
A: Yes. To prevent abuse and account sharing, the basic plan is limited to 100 shipments IDs per month. This should be more than enough for any sized FBA user. If you ship more than 100 shipments to Amazon FBA per month, please sign up for the premium plan. Additionally, if you have more than 3 workstations used for packing at the same time, please select the enterprise plan.