Printing FNSKU Labels on Thermal Label Printers

Our platform offers numerous options for printing FNSKU item labels as part of your inbound shipment workflow.

  • Ad-Hoc: Manually input the information that should be printed on a label.
  • Unified 2D Box Content & FNSKU Label: Combining 2D and FNSKU information on a single label for eligible shipments.
  • Shipment Plan: Print FNSKU item labels for all the items in the shipment plan
  • Shipment Plan: Provide a UPC or FNSKU, which will pull the information for the item from the shipment plan. Similar to the deprecated Scan & Label option Amazon used to offer.

Label and Printer Settings

Printer settings control the label size and if the merchant SKU to be printed on the label for all FNSKU label printing methods. Access the Printer Settings by clicking on [Your name] at the top right drop down menu and selecting Account Settings. At the bottom of the page, click on Open Printer Settings.

From the dialog box, select the Item Label Size and if you want the Merchant SKU printed on the label.

FNSKU Label printer settings


Ad-Hoc: Manually input the information to be printed on a label.

The FNSKU Label printing page allows you to provide the copy to be printed on the label, the FNSKU barcode to be encoded and count of how many labels are needed. This is the most manual option. Nothing is stored or automated.

Uploading shipment plans

For the all other FNSKU label printing options, the shipment plan from Amazon is required. From SellerCentral, download the shipment plan file, which contains the SKUs and item count that Amazon is expecting, and then upload it here.

Download shipment plan
Next, upload the shipment plan on the Uploaded Shipment Plan page, which is accessed from the, Reports drop down and selecting Plan Validation. Shipment Plans


Unified 2D Box Content & FNSKU Label

Unified FNSKU and 2D Box Content If your items are a quantity of 1 item per shipment box, you can generate a Unified 2D Box Content, FNSKU and Expiration Date label on a single 4x6 label to streamline the shipment process.

Once the shipment plan is uploaded, access the Unified Labels from the FNSKU Labels navigation.

From the Unified Label page provide the shipment id, the UPC or the FNSKU of the item, and the count of items to generate a unified FNSKU and 2D box content label.


FNSKU Labels Based on the Shipment Plan

Download shipment plan The Shipment Plans page, is accessed from the, Reports drop down and selecting Plan Validation. From there, find the shipment plan you want to work on and click on Print FNSKU Labels button, which will bring up the dialong box shown here.

  1. Print All Labels. To print all labels for items in the shipment plan, click on the Print Labels for All Items button.
  2. Print Selected Labels. To print a subset of your labels from the shipment plan you can enter the UPC or FNSKU from the item. If the item exists in your shipment plan, the item name will get pulled up to confirm the right item.
    • In Regular Mode it will display the quantitiy of item in the shipment plan. You can adjust the number of labels to print if needed. Next, click Print to print the chosen count of the FNSKU labels.
    • In Single Scan Mode a single FNSKU label for the scanned item will print automatically. For this to work seamlessly, use Firefox and enable silent printing settings.