The demo will let you try all of the functionality, but the generated barcode will only encode the first 3 items. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.
1. Shipment ID & Destination Warehouse
2. Add Items to a Box
3. Current Items in the Box ( Items in Box: 0, Unique SKUs: 0)
ASIN Quantity Expiration Date
Empty Box
Barcode Type (?): PDF-417 QR Code
Default Action: Print Barcode and Start Next Box Print Barcode and Keep Box Info
Print Expiration Date Labels (?)
Shipment Information
Shipment ID

Destination Warehouse

Label Note 1

Label Note 2

  1. Enter the Shipment ID. Example: FBA23JFC2G
  2. Select item identifier. Once selected, it will be used for all items in this box.
  3. Optional: Select the expiration date for the item.
  4. Scan item(s) and place them into the box.
  5. Click Print Box Barcode when the box is full.
Per Amazon:
  • If your items are labeled, use the FNSKU. If your items are commingled, use ASIN or UPC.
  • Do not pack more than a 100 different ASINs in a single box.
  • Pack each box with only one expiration date per ASIN. If you have an ASIN with multiple expiration dates, they need to be packed in different boxes.
Note: This tool does not validate Shipment IDs, ASINs, UPCs, etc.