DEMO: Bulk input mode for creating 2D box contents barcodes for inbound Amazon FBA shipments.

This demo gives full access to box content generation functionality, but the generated barcode will only encode the first 3 items. Please do not use for actual inbound shipments to Amazon FBA. This demo provides the basic overview to help you decide if these tools will fit your workflow. If you have questions about advanced functionality, such as, reporting, shipment validation or shipment editing, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

This view is optimized for packing multiples of the same item at once. If you are packing multiple unique items into boxes with a scan gun, please check out the scan gun view which is optimized for your workflow. If you routinely, pack multiples of the same boxes, please check out our multi-box input view.

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1. Shipment ID & Amazon FBA Destination Warehouse
2. Items in the Box
Identifier Product ID Expiration Date Quantity Item Info
1. Shipment validation must be enabled
Item Preview
Default expiration date

Default Action: Print Barcode and Start Next Box Print Barcode and Keep Box Info

Shipment Information
Shipment ID

Destination Warehouse

Label Note 1

Label Note 2

Shipment Plan Validation

Available on the premium plan. Learn More

  1. Enter Shipment ID. Example: FBA23JFC2G
  2. Add and fill as many rows as you need per box. Empty rows will be ignored.
  3. Click on Print Box Barcode when the box is full.
Per Amazon:
  • If your items are labeled, use the FNSKU. If your items are commingled, use ASIN or UPC.
  • The ID type used, should match the ID type in shipment. Ex: If an item is listed as an FNSKU, it must be packed as a FNSKU.
  • Do not pack more than a 100 different ASINs in a single box.
  • Pack each box with only one expiration date per ASIN. If you have an ASIN with multiple expiration dates, they need to be packed in different boxes.
  • The maximum number of boxes in a shipment depends on the shipping method you use.
    • Small parcel delivery (SPD), with a partnered carrier: 200 boxes, with a non-partnered carrier: 500 boxes.
    • Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments: 5,000 boxes.
Note: Shipment IDs, ASINs, UPCs, etc are not validated unless you're using shipment validation.
Remaining Items in Shipment Plan
FNSKU UPC Remaining QTY Search