Getting Started with Wizard-Industries

Getting started takes just few minutes. In a few steps, we'll get you setup to print 2D box content barcodes, FNSKU labels, VendorCentral carton labels, and more.


1. FBA: Amazon SellerCentral Setting, Enable 2D Barcodes

Amazon Inbound settingsSome Amazon accounts do not have the 2D barcode option enabled by default. Confirm your account has 2D barcodes enabled in the Seller Central Inbound Settings page.

2. Setup Printer Settings

FNSKU Label printer settingsOur FBA and VendorCentral carton labels are optimized for 4x6 thermal label and FNSKU labels are optimized for 2.62' x 1.00' and similar sizes. Setup your label sizes at bottom of your User Settings page.


3. Print a sample label

Use any of the label creation options we offer to generate a test label. A correctly printed 4x6 label will be offset from all edges of a label by about a 1/8th of an inch and have a crisp barcode. Print a sample label to confirm. Most common issues discovered include: margins set by the printer driver, wrong paper size selected in the browser, or size scaling settings modified in the browser.


3. Optional: Setup seamless printing

Once the labels are printing correctly, you can enable seamless printing to minimize the amount of clicks to required to print a label. This is available in Firefox only.


4. FBA Optional: Upload the first shipment plan

Premium Plan Enterprise Plan

To verify that packed items match the shipment plan or to print FNSKU labels from the plan, connect your Amazon account on the Settings page or upload the Amazon shipment plan from SellerCentral.


5. Carton Label Printing

You are now ready to streamline your inbound shipments. For FBA, we offer multiple workflows to track the items you're packing. Use the input view that lines up best with your merchandise mix for each shipment. If expedient, you can switch between different input methods in the middle of a shipment.

  • Scangun For shipments with low count of many unique SKUs and you need to scan each item.
  • Hybrid Scangun For shipments which mostly have low count of unique SKUs but also an occasional larger batch where it makes sense to scan item and input quantity instead of scanning individual units.
  • Bulk Input For shipments with high count of a few unique SKUs.
  • Case Pack For shipments where multiple boxes have the same items (Example: 20 boxes with 10 units of SKU ABC123 in each).
  • CSV Input Upload a CSV file with your shipment content to generate the 2D labels. Enterprise Plan
  • Unified FNSKU / 2D Box Label If your items are a quantity of 1 item per shipment box, this is a unified 2D Box Content, FNSKU and Expiration Date label so you only need to touch each box once. Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan

For VendorCentral, you must upload a CSV file to generate carton labels.


6. FBA FNSKU Labels

Premium Plan Enterprise Plan

Our platform offers numerous options for printing FNSKU item labels. Check out FNSKU label printing guide to find the best way to print FNSKU labels that fits your work flow.


5. FBA Replenishment Next Steps

Premium Plan Enterprise Plan

Once you are comfortable with 2D barcode generation, check out the advanced label options to further streamline your replenishment workflow and minimize the number of times you touch each box.