Advanced Functionality: Unified Labels

Box Content - Inbound Label Box Content - FNSKU Label


Our advanced labels minimize the amount of times you need to touch each box and item to pack, label, and process your FBA replenishment shipments. We offer two types of advanced labels:

  1. Combined 2D Box content and inbound FBA label
  2. Unified 2D Box content, FNSKU and expiration date label

For FNSKU labels printing options, check out the FNSKU label overview page.

1. Combined 2D Box Content and Inbound FBA Label

Premium Plan Enterprise Plan

Combined FBA and box content label This label combines the 2D box content barcode and the inbound FBA shipment label in one. As you pack your items and the box is complete, you can generate a label that combines the 2D box content barcode and inbound FBA label into one. After this label is applied to a box, it can either be placed on a pallet or if you're doing regular box shipment, only requires the shipment partner (UPS, FedEx, etc) label for transport.

Notice about Combined Labels

Users need to be very careful with this functionality because it can impact Amazon receiving if used incorrectly. Since we’re encoding specific box counts on each box, which Amazon uses, it is crucial to get the box count right. If you find yourself often removing boxes or altering shipments, this may not be for you. We recommend customers work with basic 2D box content barcodes before switching to combined labels.


2. Unified 2D Box Content, FNSKU and Expiration Date Label

Enterprise Plan

Unified FNSKU and 2D Box Content If your items are a quantity of 1 item per shipment box, we offer the Unified 2D Box Content, FNSKU and Expiration Date Label to streamline the shipment process. To generate a unified label, you must upload the shipment plan from Amazon, which will contain all of the information about the items to generate the FNSKU label.

As you scan the UPC (or another identifier on the item) the system will print the FNSKU label and the 2D box content barcode on the same physical label.