Inbound FBA Shipment Contents Validation



To remain in good standing with Amazon, it's important to make sure the inbound shipments match up to the shipment plan that was created in SellerCentral. Amazon will penalize merchants for shipping wrong items, short shipping inventory, including extras and for other errors. Our shipment validation functionality allows you to verify the items you've packed in your shipment match the shipment plan that Amazon is expecting.

The shipment validation functionality is only available with the premium plan.

Step 1

Pack your items into boxes and create 2D box contents barcodes as you usually would.

Step 2

From SellerCentral, download the shipment plan file, which contains the SKUs and item count that Amazon is expecting.

Download shipment plan

Step 3

In Wizard-Industries, from the Reports menu, select by By Shipment and open by the shipment you've completed. Once the shipment report loads, upload the file you downloaded from SellerCentral. If the shipment contains more than a 1,000 SKUs and Amazon provides multiple files, you'll have the ability to upload the remaining files after the first one is uploaded.

Upload shipment plan

Step 4

Review the updated report to verify accuracy of your packed items. Make adjustments and re-print box contents labels as needed.

Review packed item accuracy