Send to Amazon Workflow Update

Last Updated: October 26th, 2022
Amazon has began to replace the Send/Replenish inventory workflow with the new Send to Amazon workflow. The new Send to Amazon shipment flow has recently been upgraded to use 2D barcodes, but it's a not an optimal workflow, yet. At this time, it does not provide a Shipment ID at the time you're labeling the boxes, which makes it impossible to pack and label at the same time. There is a workaround available, but that requires regenerating all the labels when the shipment ID is ready. We're continuing to work on better workflow options. For now, we have released the following tools to help with Send to Amazon:

  • Tracking Box dimensions: We can now track weight, dimensions, pallet location of a box. The reporting has been upgraded to include a summary of box weights and dimensions (if stored). This is asked in the Send to Amazon workflow if 2D barcodes are selected.
  • Send to Amazon Pack group files accepted as shipment plan files. You can now upload the shipment group files from Send to Amazon flow, to pack items against the file and use the same shipment validation functionality as Send/Replenish flow.
  • Send to Amazon CSV Generation. A UI to pack items that tracks the items and box details to generate manifest files for Send to Amazon workflow creation and group pack file details.

The Send/Replenish workflow and regular 2D barcodes can still be used if shipments are created by a 3rd party app, via an API integration, such as one that we provide. Amazon has indicated, this will not be an indefinite solution, at some point in the future, Amazon will sunset the API integration as well. At this time, Amazon has not yet released any specs on the Send to Amazon API, so we have to assume that API sunset is still a few months away at the least.

Current customers on Premium and Enterprise plans can access the shipment creation workflow here. If you have any questions please contact us.