Supply Chain Connect Alternative

Box content Labels FBA Inbound Labels Reconciliation of items to Amazon shipment plan

In Janury 2021, Amazon retired the Supply Chain Connect service. Supply Chain Connect allowed external vendors to process and ship items directly to FBA on your behalf.

Our functionality provides some of the capabilities provided by Supply Chain Connect that may be a replacement solution for you. We let your external vendors generate 2D box content barcodes and inbound FBA labels at their facilities, according to your shipment plan. The only remaining step for them would be to ship the cartons/pallets to Amazon. This is the one part of the process we do not support.

Sample walk-through is below:

1. Upload the shipment plan for your external vendor

Upload the shipment plan file, which can be downloaded from SellerCentral with the items you want your external vendor to ship to FBA on your behalf. Once the file is uploaded, select "External Vendor" from the Pack drop down menu. Shipment Plans


Create external shared linkIn this step, generate a secure link that is shared with your vendor. Fill out the form indicating if FNSKU labels are required, the shipment destination, and any additional notes.

You can now share the generated link with your vendor.


3. Vendors packs your order and labels the boxes

Simple input for external vendors If needed, they can also print FNSKU labels for the items in the shipment plan. Vendors are provided with two options for generating the box labels:

A simple method if items are case packed, and each box contains unique SKUs.

An advanced option if it's a mix of SKUs and they need to generate a label for each box separately.


3. Single touch of each carton

Combined FBA and box content label The label generated for your vendor is a combined 2D box content barcode and the inbound FBA shipment label in one. After this label is applied to a box, it can either be placed on a pallet or if they're doing regular box shipment, only requires the shipment partner (UPS, FedEx, etc) label for transport.


4. Reporting

Shipment reporting As your vendors packs the items and generates the labels, you will see their progress update in shipment reporting, just as if you were packing the shipment. You will be able to see items packed, discrepancy to shipment plan, reprint labels, and more.