Yes, we support Amazon EU and Amazon US FBA!

In addition to the Amazon FBA warehouses in the US, we now support FBA box contents requirements for FBA locations in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic.

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FBA Box Contents 2D Barcodes

Provide box contents information for Amazon FBA inbound shipments by easily creating a 2D barcode labels via Scangun Input, Bulk Input, or for Case Pack Shipments along with FBA-compliant expiration date labels maximizing your packing efficiency.

Barcodes are the easiest way to provide box contents information for your FBA shipments.

No more SellerCentral spreadsheets or web forms

We keep track of items as you put them into the box. When the box is full, print the barcode. The barcode on your box allows you to skip manually entering information in SellerCentral.

scangun (warehouse) item input

Tools that fit your workflow

Scan items as you put them into a box. Have a different approach for packing your items? Our Bulk Input makes it easy to pack multiples of the same item. Sending case packed items? The Case Pack makes that a breeze. Our tools work on desktops and on mobile devices.

bulk item information input

Automatic expiration date labels

If your items require expiration date labels, you can speed up your workflow by having our tool automatically print FBA-compliant expiration date labels as you pack the boxes. Label and pack your inventory in one step.

expiration data labels

Track packed items and validate to shipment plan

Keep a record of items sent to Amazon FBA. Reporting by shipment, item or expiration dates. Upload the FBA shipment plan to validate packed shipment to against what Amazon is expecting.

Tracking items scanned for FBA shipments

Provide box contents information with a barcode

SellerCentral Shipment Creation

1. After creating a shipment plan and being assigned Amazon warehouses, SellerCentral asks about shipping carrier, dimensions, number of boxes and box contents information.
2. You have options to provide box contents information:

  1. Upload a CSV file
  2. Manually enter the information for each box
  3. Put a 2D barcode on the box. By choosing to use the 2D barcode you do not have to input the box contents information into SellerCentral.

With the 2D barcode, you can speed up your inbound shipment creation process. Our tools make it easy for you to create the barcode with box contents by either entering the data in bulk into a streamlined UI or by using a scangun and scanning the items as you pack the boxes. When the box is packed, print the barcode, attach it to the box along with the shipping label and you're done.